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My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

We've all heard it before; less is more. As I par down my wardrobe to include only the items that I absolutely love and feel comfortable in, I am starting to embrace that concept. For one thing, you're often forced to be more creative when you have less to work with... and that's something that I first noticed when I tried my first spring capsule wardrobe for the month of April. 

I am still trying to make the most of my current wardrobe without spending either time or money on shopping. I've decided to try this capsule out for two months. For those two months, I'll be wearing only the items selected, and I'll be on self-imposed spending freeze when it comes to both footwear and clothes. Instead, I'm saving for a Europe trip! Here are a few picks for my summer capsule wardrobe!

Most of these pieces were selected because I could wear them both out and about and at work, but some items, like the shorts, are strictly out of the office gear.Other items, like the oxford button ups, may seem like they'd be way too warm, but considering that the office is always quite cool, these items are still necessary, even in the dead of summer. I seem to definitely gravitate towards neutrals and softer colors, although I do have a lime green shirt that I have been thinking about adding. (Disclaimer: I do not own the Saks Fifth Avenue sleeveless shirt above - a bit out of my budget. It's just the closest look I could find compared to the shirt that I actually own.)

I'm also in love with drop waist dresses at the moment. It's a good thing that this capsule comes along with a spending freeze so that I won't be too tempted to buy every single drop waist dress that I come across.

A few favorites to highlight - some of these are on sale!

Drop Waisted Sleeveless Dress

Topshop Yellow Floral Crochet Top

Jessica Simpson Zaza Flats

-xo, Rachel

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