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Derby Day Party Highlights

Kentucky Derby Hat and Flower Arrangement via A Detailed Palette

We got so lucky this weekend - it was just gorgeous outside. We were able to dress up, wear our hats, drink what we dubbed as mint jubilees (the mint juleps just did not turn out for us - maybe it's because I'm a midwesterner?), and play some outdoor yard games. It made for a great, great time.

You can see above the flower arrangement that I put together (thanks for those $5 roses, Trader Joe's) and the hat that I eventually ended up going with for the event. I know that I will literally only be able to wear it for the Kentucky Derby, but I just absolutely loved it. Can we please make big hats with feathers more of a fashion trend? I am all in favor of wearing hats more.

Mary and Ryan

We had a pretty great spread which Andy and myself worked pretty hard on and I wish I would have gotten a better picture of before it was promptly eaten, but you can still see some of it above, including the gin bucket. Everyone also really took dressing up seriously which I really appreciated. My friends Mary and Ryan are pictured above and as you can see they looked simply stunning! Andy and Nick are below and are also pretty dang dapper, if I do say so myself. 

Andy and Nick
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