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Some Beautiful Coffee Table Books

We all know how the old adage goes; don't judge a book by its cover. While that does stand true, there are also some cases where you just can't help it. This especially true of the ever important coffee table books that are designed to be eye-catching. Best of all, you can usually incorporate a coffee table book or two that resonates with your personality no matter what size your living space may be. Here are four of personal favorites.

Elements of Style by Erin Gates

This book showcases some of the beautiful work of interior designer Erin gates. I absolutely love how she effortlessly combines elegance and glamour with modern functionality. All of her designs are just gorgeous, and this book was well worth the price. It's the perfect coffee table book, providing a balance of photography, personal essays, and helpful design tips. And as a bonus, the book has a gorgeous black and white spine that looks beautiful jut about anywhere.

Elements of Style via A Detailed Palette

Eames: Beautiful Details by Eames Demetrios

This book delves into the designs of Ray and Charles Eames. It's mostly pictures , all of which are incredibly beautiful and interesting to look at it,

Eames: Beautiful Details via A Detailed Palette

So this book combines two of my favorite things: literature and interior design. With chapters like "How to Create Virginia Woolf's Favorite Flower Arrangements", I don't know how anyone cannot like this book. It offers helpful tips for how to create looks inspired by some much loved novels.

If you love mid-century modern design, I highly recommend this book! The interior design photography is just so pretty and inspiring. This book captures everything that I love about Mid-century Modern furniture and design.

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