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DIY Marble Coasters

DIY Marble Coaster Tutorial - A Detailed Palette

I've been ready to try my hand at using paint to create a marbled surface. I've seen a few tutorials out there, but none really captured a look that I felt really represented marble. Marble, when you look closely, is about  balance between subtlety and boldness - the veins are there and are dark, but they never overpower the rest of the white.

So this turned out to be a bit of a trial and error as I tried to really capture that balance. Turns out that painting lightly and using a bit of water really helped.

2 foam brushes 
Martha Stewart Beetle Black Paint in Satin 
Folk Art Titanium White
4 Ceramic Coasters 
Krylon Satin Finish 

Supplies and Materials for DIY Marble Coasters

Step 1: paint the coaster with one thin layer of Folk Art Titanium White with foam brush 1. Don't forget to apply a light coat to the sides of the coaster as well.

DIY Marble Tutorial - A Detailed Palette

Step 2: Since I only had white and black paint, I mixed the two together with foam brush 1 to create a light gray. Know that you will definitely want a lighter shade of gray.

DIY Marble Coasters - A Detailed Palette

Step 3: Lightly add bits of gray with foam brush 1. While the white coat should be somewhat dry before you add this, it doesn't have to be completely dry. Make the pattern appear to be a bit random, but keep in mind that this is when we are trying to imitate the veins of the marble. I actually pressed harder in a few spots to make the color a bit darker. This helped me map out where my veins were and the color variation will help it look more natural. As you can see below, you won't need to add a ton of gray during this step.

DIY Marble - A Detailed Palette

Step 4. Use foam brush 2 (which should be unused and completely clean) and slightly dampen the foam with water. Use this dampened brush to smooth out your random clumps of gray. Remember to do so lightly. This well help create that subtlety, without totally undoing any of the gray.

Keep blending with the damp brush until it looks something like this:

DIY Marble Coasters - A Detailed Palette

Step 5: It's time to add white again. Take a very tiny amount of Titanium white paint and paint it very lightly over the gray. I found that working in the opposite direction of the gray "veins" seemed to work better for some reason.

Tutorial - DIY Marble - A Detailed Palette

Just keep doing this until you have the balance look that you want! The key to adding the white back in is using only a little bit at a time and painting very lightly. If you use too much paint or paint too hard, the white will totally cover up the gray - and we don't want that.

How to paint marble - A Detailed Palette

Step 6: Allow the coaster to dry, then go outside/to a well ventilated area and spray the coasters with Krylon Satin Finish. This will help to seal the paint. I only did one coat which seemed to work perfectly. Then just let the coasters dry!

Here's a before and after:

Before and After - DIY Marble - A Detailed Palette

The final product:

How to Paint Marble Pattern - A Detailed Palette

Let me know if you try this out or if you have any questions at all! I'd love to see how yours turn out!

-xo, Rachel

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