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Why Fresh Flowers Are the Best Piece of Home Decor

Reggie Smelling the Flowers

My love of flowers started at a very early age. Perhaps I was inspired by reading Anne of Green Gables or maybe it's just something that many young girls go through. Once spring would hit, I'd peruse my mom's flower garden for the very best blooms. I had a limit of course - I couldn't pick all of them, much to my chagrin. I would, however, be able to get a pretty decently sized bouquet. I loved organizing them in my room, often opting for placing a vase full of flowers on my nightstand so that I could smell the flowers as I went to sleep. Lilacs were especially great for that!

When I moved to live on my own, I realized how expensive fresh flowers were and really missed those days of just leisurely picking flowers in my own front yard. I've been incredibly happy to discover, though, that it is possible to get fresh flowers without spending a foolish amount of money. I've been going to Trader Joe's, and it's basically become a new version of my mom's flower garden - only for about $5 a bouquet. Fresh flowers are, for many reasons, my absolute favorite piece of home decor.

Why Fresh Flowers Fix Everything - A Detailed Palette

There's a Stunning Variety

Not a rose person? Maybe hydrangeas or daisies are more your thing. There are so many to choose from. There is a flower for everyone. Yes, I mean everyone. Not every flower is pink or hyper-feminine.

They Add Lovely Smells

When it comes to decorating our homes, we often overlook smell and instead focus entirely on appearance. Most flowers will not only contribute to the beauty of the space, but they'll also offer a new, lovely fragrance too.

Peonies - A Detailed Palette

There's a Fancy Effect

The fancy effect is real, I swear it - and now 90% of you guys are going to have that "Fancy" song stuck in your head, and I sincerely apologize. Flowers also have the power to make a room or an event feel more special. There is a reason flowers are at weddings, people! I think it is also tied to the fact that flowers are often seen as a luxury - most people have to go out of their way to get flowers, so it typically showcases more effort and just makes any room feel more welcoming. I recently had a Kentucky Derby party and many of the guests pointed out and complimented the flower arrangements. It instantly elevated the look and feel of the spread. If something is ever off when it comes to a tablescape or an event set up, I recommended adding some sort of fresh flowers. No, it's not going to be a permanent fix, but it will immediately solve whatever issue you're having and make the space look cohesive and elegant.

They Boost Your Mood

Research shows that plants and nature in general boost our moods. They tend to have a restorative effect on us - this is why having an office plant can be incredible for your productivity. It's also why having a vase of flowers on the table just makes some people smile. I am definitely one of those people.

To be honest, while I totally stand behind all claims made above, I also really wanted to share some photos of some really pretty flowers! Hope you enjoyed... and tell me, what's your favorite kind of flower?

-xo, Rachel



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