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Friday Favorites: Worth Every Penny

Happy Friday! I just wanted a share a few favorites that have made in huge impact on life as I know it. 

This is easily the best purchase I have ever made when it comes to anything beauty or skincare related. My skin has always fluctuated wildly, and my chin and nose have always been huge problem areas. While my skin isn't flawless (if only!), it has improved so, so much since using the clarisonic every other day. Seriously worth every penny.

I know I have talked about this a little bit before, but I was getting so frustrated by using planners that simply did not have enough space for me to write everything down. I actually then entered a contest and ended up winning a Passion Planner. I absolutely love it. If you're looking for something better and more motivating than your average planner, you should definitely check it out. It even has a few sections dedicated to goal setting and tracking - it's just nice to be able to write everything down and keep it all in one place!

This is, unexpectedly, one of my favorite things ever. I actually received this as a gift, and it was something that wasn't even on my radar. I had no idea that you could make your own yogurt. Turns out that you can and that I love doing it. While the yogurt that this maker produces is a bit sour for my tastes (as it doesn't have the added sugar that store bought yogurt does), I just use it for my smoothies. The process of making yogurt will take about 9 hours, but only 15 of that requires effort on your part. It's incredibly easy, really fun to do, and it makes yogurt that is much healthier than the options available at your grocery store. You can also experiment with a few different recipes.

I really, really love popcorn. All of my family members can attest to this. Thankfully, popcorn can be a really healthy snack if prepared correctly and this popcorn maker has help me do that. Instead of using hot oil, this bad boy uses only hot air to pop the kernels. Not only is this way healthier, but I find that it makes the popcorn more enjoyable to eat, as I don't always have to wipe the grease off of my hands. Hooray! It also doesn't take long at all to make, either. So this has just made life generally better.

Do any of you have these? Do you love them as much me?

Hope you have a great weekend! 

-xo, Rachel

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