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Drab to Fab: DIY Repurposing

While I do believe in keeping clutter down to a minimum, I will save certain things for future craft projects. One of my favorite things to hold on to is used candle containers. Typically, these are really easy to clean up and repurpose. All it usually takes is a good cleaning and some paint.

I really have been loving the look of specked ceramic lately, so I decided to see if I could get the pattern just right for an old candle holder that I had just gathering dust.

An old candle container (see below)
Glass cleaner
A butter knife
White paint
Foam paint brush
Gold paint
Kyrlon Satin Finish

Repurposing a Candle Holder - A Detailed Palette

Step 1: Remove the leftover wax and the last of the wick. I did so by using a butter knife. This is normally an easy step, which is what I love about repurposing candle holders. Then you will just want to use some glass cleaner to remove any grossness. If there is any sticky residue leftover from stickers or labels, using some fingernail polish remover should take that right off.

How to Repurpose a Candle Holder

Step 2: After the container is clean and dry, you can begin painting. For projects like these, I will paint the inside of the container to ensure a smooth outer appearance.

DIY Painted Candle Holder - A Detailed Palette

Step 3: I decided to add the speckled pattern to the outside of the container. To get the pattern just right, I decided to use a pencil as a brush. I just dipped the pencil into some gold paint and lightly tapped the surface. For the speckled pattern that I was going for, it was vital that the size and consistency of the dots/speckles was random.

DIY white and gold speckled container - A Detailed Palette

Allow speckles on one side to dry - this should not take too long. Then proceed to the other side.

Step 4: Once you are done with all of the speckling, you'll want to spray it with Krylon Satin Finish (both the inside and outside) in order to ensure a smooth finish and lasting paint application!

Here is the final product! Quite an improvement!

DIY Repurposing: Drab to Fab - A Detailed Palette
Speckled Glass - A Detailed Palette

Some of you may be now wondering what I am going to use this for. With such a cute container, the possibilities are endless - at least as far as storage goes. This can be used as a makeup holder, makeup brush holder, jewelry container, paper clip container - whatever you need!

Do you love the speckled look too? Let me know!  And please feel free to share to any other fun links about repurposing candle holders!

-xo, Rachel

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