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Small Spaces: Creating a Container Garden

I made progress with one of my summer resolutions of the weekend with a quick trip to Home Depot. I purchase soil, a planter, a tomato plant, a basil plant, an oregano plant, and a lettuce plant to create my container garden.

Small Space Container Garden - A Detailed Palette

A quick google search found that all of these plants do well in lots of sunlight, so I thought having them share a container space would work just fine. I also love the fact that all of the ingredients for a refreshing summer salad are literally right there (except for the dressing of course). I’ve killed many a poor basil plant (I think I may have overwatered?) so I am praying that this basil will be the exception and that it will thrive in this little planter garden. I love fresh basil so I am really, really hoping. Here is the final product which was a little less than $30 when all things were said and done.

Container Garden - A Detailed Palette

I’m also hoping that the bunnies will stay away from this container garden. They are literally all over our neighborhood. Any good tips for keeping bunnies away from your plants? Or just gardening tips in general? Any wisdom will be much appreciated – I am really new at this whole gardening thing!

-xo, Rachel

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