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Jewelry Storage & Organization Tips

If you have a lot of jewelry, it can be tricky to organize it all in a way that actually looks nice. I've been playing around with my jewelry organization for a while now and finally have it to where I am really happy with it. 

Jewelry Storage and Organization Tips - A Detailed Palette

Here are some tips and ideas that I came up with while trying to get it all organized.

Add a Tray

I feel like you can usually add a tray to just about anywhere and make it look so much better. It just instantly creates a look that is much more polished. Using a tray for jewelry storage and display is also a great way to keep your jewelry organized and segmented. A tray also makes your jewelry incredibly easy to access so that you can just grab the piece you're looking for without having to search for it. Do know that whatever you have on a try will need to be dusted occasionally. For this reason, I used the tray to store items that wouldn't mind getting a bit dusty. 

Consider Glass Jewelry Boxes

I have had my eye on these from West Elm for a long time. I mostly wanted it for my "special" jewelry items/the ones with sentimental value. Glass jewelry cases are so great because they allow you to display your jewelry beautifully without the worry of the jewelry getting dusty or dirty.

Don't Be Afraid to Thrift

One of my friends asked "Is that a deviled-egg serving tray!?" upon seeing the photo of my jewelry storage. Yes, yes, it is. I found this particular tray at Goodwill for $2 exactly as is in the picture. It was just perfect for jewelry storage, even though it's certainly not its intended purpose. I say go thrifing and look for creative way to use pieces that are seemingly designed for a completely different use. That's generally how I get my most creative ideas. Ask yourself "How else can I use this?" as opposed to "How am I supposed to use this?"

Hope these were helpful! Have a great Wednesday!

-xo, Rachel


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