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A Case for White Walls

How to make the most out of white walls - A Detailed Palette

Many people find white walls boring and bland. In fact, white walls that your landlord won’t let you paint are considered to be one of the most prominent rental curses. I do think though, that no matter what shade your white walls maybe, there is more to love about white walls than there is to hate. So here are a few things you can do to fall in love with your white walls.

Dress it Up

Artwork, photos, maybe even a gallery wall. It doesn’t matter what it is because white walls are truly a blank canvas and you can’t go wrong because they complement everything. When it comes to finding wall decorations to jazz up the place, the color you’ll want to avoid is white, as it will be lost against the wall. But that’s about it – you can even work with white picture frames and mix and match a few different colors and textures. In fact, I’d argue that very little makes a textured piece of wall décor pop quite like white walls behind it. You can do a lot when it comes to dressing up a white wall.

Open the Blinds & Have the Proper Lighting

White isn’t boring and bland… at least it doesn’t have to be. One of the easiest ways to make a space with white walls look amazing is to pull back the blinds. White is a color that does incredibly well in natural light – your walls will look cheerful, open, and bright with more exposure to natural light. When it comes to night time, be sure to have the space well lit. This should ideally include both overhead lighting and ambient lighting. If you’re going to be doing focused work like reading, writing or working on the computer, task lighting is great to have too.

Make It Work with Everything

One of the absolute best things about white walls is that you really cannot go wrong in terms of what furniture items you select. Whether you want something eclectic and colorful or neutral and understated, both looks will be easy to pull off whit white walls. This is nice because if you are more of a color person, it’s easy to incorporate them in other ways.

Enjoy the "Clean Look" Effect

I personally love white walls because I think it adds a sort of clean look and feel. For example, our apartment always seems to look tidy even if it may not be in the best shape. While we do keep things generally neat, we have our days just like everyone else. Even then, the bright, clean look of the walls really helps us out and makes the whole space look airy and cleanly.

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