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Desk Details: My Home Office

Desk Details: My Home Office

Home Office - A Detailed Palette

Welcome to my home office! While I only use this desk to blog and work on my writing, it does get a lot of use throughout the week. When we first got this desk, I was ecstatic – I had been in need of a desk space for a while. Andy’s aunt, who was in the process of moving and down-sizing, actually let us have this desk for free, which was incredibly kind and generous of her. Thankfully, due to Andy and his dad, the desk made it inside our apartment – although I feel I need to say that it just barely happened! This thing is solid wood, and it is heavy.

I’m really happy that I have enough desk space to add many personal touches and still have enough room to work. My favorite décor element of my home office is my inspiration board. I found this cork board mega-on-sale for about $5 at Michael’s. While I would have preferred to find one without the distressed details, I thought that the deal was too good to pass up. It’s my favorite piece simply because I had so much fun curating what it contained. I wanted my inspiration board to be beautiful, motivating, and reflective of my interests, and I think that I really succeeded on all three accounts.  The photos were all taken by myself throughout various trips. The picture of Reggie adds a much needed taste of adorableness. The home pictured is actually Jane Austen’s House – the home where she wrote many of her novels.

Inspiration Board - A Detailed Palette

This is my miniature Eames chair, a gift from Andy for my birthday. It was created by a 3-D printer, something that I find so incredibly cool.

Desk Details: Miniature Eames Chair - A Detailed Palette

My planner and my notebook - one for keeping all of my stuff together, the other is for writing down ideas to keep them all in one place.

Planning for the Blog - A Detailed Palette

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my home office! Have a fabulous Monday!
-xo, Rachel

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