Furniture Crush Friday: Marble Tables & Decor

Marble & Peonies - Marble Furniture and Decor - A Detailed Palette

I am so in love with marble surfaces right now. I think it’s probably always been lurking, but my NeoCon trip this year seemed to bring it out in full force.

While I am not a huge fan of marble countertops (as I simply do not find them to be practical for kitchen use), I really do love these side tables. Marble is always going to be a little bit pricey due to costly production costs. Also good to know information: real marble does scratch and stain very easily. Sealing and honing it helps! Most of these products should fine when it comes to stains and scratching, but etching is another thing to be worried about and probably the number one reason why I would not want a marble counter top in my kitchen. But some people love their marble countertops; I suppose to each their own!

Still, small amounts of marble can be added to your home in a very practical way... even if it is a bit of faux marble, which could be the case for a few of these products. Be sure to look under the details in the product listing if you're interested in only genuine marble.  Here are some affordable favorites. Can I just have all of these things? Especially the serving/cheese boards from Macy's.


Well that's all for now on my love for marble. And just in case you want to DIY your OWN marble - check out my DIY Faux Marble Coasters Tutorial. Hope you all have a really great weekend!
-xo, Rachel