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Inspired Design: Jane Austen

Inspired Interior Design: Jane Austen's Style - A Detailed Palette

I actually just recently signed up for a seminar called 200 Years of Jane Austen that is being held at UW-Madison in October. I am incredibly excited about it, as I really love Jane Austen, and it actually gave me the idea to create a new series on this blog: Inspired Design. So this is my version of a more eclectic take on what I imagine Jane Austen's style was; feminine, fun, but ultimately elegant.

Please note that not all of the items below are what I would deem affordable. I was trying to capture the style and let myself disregard price - the only time when I actually can!

What do you think? I think I could see Jane Austen living here! If you like this sort of thing, I do have to recommend Novel Interiors. It’s a similar concept although I promise the look above is incredibly different and unique from what is in the book.

Travel: My Carry-on Essentials

Travel: My Carry-on Essentials

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