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Today is the Day!

Traveling - A Detailed Palette

It's finally arrived! I leave Wisconsin tonight, and while I will have some time in Arizona before leaving the States, today marks the official beginning of my two weeks away from work. Gosh, it's going to be so nice to have a break and feel like an adventurer again!

We will be visiting:
Dublin, Ireland - Here I plan to make the most of my time exploring some old haunts of James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a glimpse into the Beatty Library as well. Thankfully, some friends in Ireland already have a traditional Irish breakfast planned for us on our very first day.
Paris, France -  A bit nervous for Paris because I do not speak any French. I have technically been to Paris before, but was unable to experience much of it other than sleeping in a hotel; it's a long story. 
Interlaken, Switzerland - We're going to be hiking up a storm here, and I already highly suspect that this will be my favorite place. It definitely seems to be the most adventurous.
Zurich, Switzerland - There are some beautiful lakes and hiking spots here as well that I cannot wait to discover.

Have you been to any of these places? If so, please share some of the-must-see stops! I'd love to see as much as I can while I am over there and would love to hear your recommendations!

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