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Favorite Online Tools for Learning New Things

Favorite Resources for Learning New Things

Since I shared my home office yesterday, I thought I would keep the theme going and share a few things that I have found to be incredibly helpful, whether I am trying to learn how to create graphics for my blog or trying to figure out a new and complicated knitting pattern. Here are some of my favorite online tools that I use in my home office nearly every day.


Never ever underestimate the power of youtube. Thanks to many generous users who spend hours creating tutorials, this platform is a gold-mine of information. Granted, you have to make the effort to watch the videos and try your hand at it, but considering that this is a free source, it really is incredible. I have taught myself how to knit and how to better use my DSLR by finding incredibly helpful tutorials on Youtube.

Unlike Youtube, is not free. However, it is still incredibly helpful and it’s where I have learned the most about graphic design elements and photography. To be clear, I am by no means an expert at either, but if you want to learn more about a specific skill, is an awesome source.

This website is specific to coding, but I find it to be the absolute best resource out there when it comes to HTML. It was actually recommended to me by my friend who is an engineer after I asked if she knew an easy way to learn how to code. While I don’t need to know the more advanced codes like Javascript (although learning it probably wouldn’t hurt), I do need to know quite a bit of HTML and CSS for both my day job and for this blog. I love how you are able to test out your skills and “try it yourself”. Very easy to learn from your mistakes that way so that the knowledge actually sticks with you.

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