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My Home: Five Things that Make Me Happy

My Apartment - A Detailed Palette

I saw this post idea on Apartment Therapy; list out five things that make you happy about your imperfect home. Ignore the bad and embrace the good. The author encouraged others to do it as well, and since I liked the idea so much, I thought I'd give it a shot.

The Natural Light: We’re on the second floor, and we get so much natural light in our place. It is my absolute favorite thing because it keeps the apartment looking bright, cheerful, and clean.

The Windows: I know this is really closely related to the whole natural light thing, but I also love the style of windows. We also have so many – six in the main living area – and I am grateful for each and every single one. While they are definitely old and not the most efficient (which leads us to putting plastic over them in the winter), they just have so many fun details, like the framing you can see below.

The Location: Our neighborhood is super residential and pretty cutesy, but we’re only about a five minute walk from a coffee shop and numerous restaurants.  And we’re only a five minute drive from the lake!

The Tiny Yard: Yes, it’s tiny and it’s not fenced in (sorry Reggie), but it provides me with room for my container garden and it’s ideal for any outdoor games like bag toss for when we have company. I’d like to eventually get a nice outdoor chair set so that I can enjoy it a bit more.

The Wood Floors: While they definitely could stand to be redone, I really love the wood floors of the apartment. I preferring sweeping to vacuuming, so going from fully carpeted to no carpet at all was really nice. I also just love the look of the floors paired with the crisp white walls.

So there you have it – my top five! Of course, there are many things wrong with my imperfect home – but we’re focusing on the positives! Just having a place to call home, whether you rent or own, is a pretty big deal when you stop to think about it.

This post was inspired by Apartment Therapy.

What are you top five favorite things about your home?

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