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Tips for Mixing and Matching Styles

I really enjoy rooms and homes that offer a mixing and matching of various styles. Including a variety of styles in any given room can help to create a really balanced, interesting, and unique home. While this isn’t to say that homes that follow a certain style to the letter are not beautiful, I personally prefer more of a mixing and matching.

Try Statement Piece in One Style + Surroundings in Another

For an example, just take a look at this beautiful kitchen and dining area.

There is just so much right with this room. The space is mostly modern; there is a focus on simplicity and a mostly black and white palette. The traditional table, however, is easily the showcase piece. It really stands out amongst the more modern room, as it is a deep, rich wood tone and it features engraving details typical of traditional furniture. However, it all works out. The table is too opulent so it doesn’t clash horribly – instead, it adds instant visual interest because it’s the last thing you were expecting in an otherwise very modern looking room.

Try Sticking to a Color Palette

The easiest way to seamlessly mix and match styles is to create a color palette that you love and stick to it. It ensures a seamless look, even with many different styles present.

Style Me Pretty Mixing Styles

Image via Style Me Pretty

Try Mixing Wood Tones

I know that I have talked about this previously, but it is possible to mix wood tones in a nice way! You can approach it many different ways. You can ensure that there is a balanced used so that each tone is equally represented in your home and therefore everything has something that matches it. Another approach is to look at what the undertones of any wood tone you currently own. Try to match those undertones when selecting your next piece of furniture. The two finishes should complement each other very well, and when used together, they should make your home look that much more chic.

How to Mix Styles - A Detail Palette

Inspired Design: Jane Austen

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