Hello from Ireland!

Traveling around Ireland - A Detailed Palette

We’ve arrived in Ireland! Long flights and layovers were filled with adventurous knitting, ample reading, and a weird state of half sleeping – the only thing I seem able to accomplish when I try to sleep in planes. Today will be a super short post as it is the only one that I didn’t schedule ahead, as I wanted to sort of “check in”. I am really enjoying this beautiful city; everything is so charming and historic looking. Everything has character… and good character at that!

Charming Doors in Ireland - A Detailed Palette

I’ve already enjoyed a traditional Irish breakfast, traditional Irish pubs, and we’ve done a lot of sight-seeing. I can’t help but think of so many passages of James Joyce while I am here – I’ve heard that the Dubliners could double as walking tour of Dublin to this very day, and I so wish I had a copy of it with me to see if it were true. I’ve also been thinking ofScarlet (the sequel to Gone With the Wind) by Alexandra Ripley where she describes the beautiful Irish country-side. I’ve caught a few glimpses thus far, and I have to say it’s beautiful and her descriptions were spot on!

Paris will be next up! Hopefully all our traveling will continue to go smoothly.