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Travel: My Carry-on Essentials

Travel: My Carry-on Essentials

Travel - Carry On Essentials - A Detailed Palette

Yarn and knitting supplies: Yes, you can travel with knitting needles in your carry on! I was sure to check with TSA’s website before I packed. I am really happy since I want to make a few hats before fall, and I should have a lot of travel time to do so.

A few good books to pass the time: We have a long flight to Europe and a few layovers on our way there. I am sure I’ll get tired of knitting at some point, so I’m going to have a few books with me to help pass the time.

Extra sweater: Either to be worn, used as a blanket, or used as a pillow.

Headphones: I usually only listen to music during flights if there are some crazy loud noises I’d rather avoid. Good to have on hand just in case.

Laptop: I doubt I will use it in flight, but it will be nice to have for layovers and just to ensure that it’s safe. While a laptop is replaceable, I’d prefer to keep it with me… just in case.

Camera: Keeping valuable items in your carry on is ALWAYS a good idea.

Adapter/converter: Nice to have on hand just in case.

And the obvious ones:
Phone + charger 
Sunglasses +  chapstick
Wallet with passport and documentation
My Planner + some pens

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