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Affordable Home Decor Trends - July

Wow, July is already here, you guys! We’re more than halfway through 2015. I hope that everyone had an amazing Fourth of July! I did the usual - saw fireworks, went Summerfest, drank some Summer Shandy, and got to have some much needed time with friends. Unfortunately, I didn't get the best sleep over the weekend, and now I totally have a cold which is why this post is so much later than usual!

As I’ve been doing at the start of every new month, I thought I’d share some emerging trends that I’ve spotted.

Flamingo Print and Decor

Move over, pineapples! It seems to me that, much like chevron, the whole pineapples as home decor thing has been so overused. I am so glad that I’m seeing something else emerge this summer! Flamingo print/decor is bright, bold and, you guessed it, pink. It’s ideal for summer – think an outdoor patio pillow or even serving plates for your BBQ.

Eyelet Fabric

While this trend is mostly in the form of fashion (there are eyelet skirts everywhere!), it’s also making an appearance into the home side of things. It definitely brings a delicate, feminine touch to any room or outfit, and while it’s a seemingly small detail, it goes a long way. It certainly stands out because it just isn’t something that you see every day.


Summer months and coral just seem to go hand in hand. I am a huge fan of coral right now, and I am definitely not alone on this one.

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