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Ways to Spoil Your Dog on His or Her Birthday

Today is Reggie's second birthday! My dog is officially two years old which just makes me smile - I'm pretty sure that he's getting cuter with age! I am a big fan of birthdays. No matter what the year or the associated meaning, I just think all of birthdays are unique and worthy of celebration. Reggie's birthday is obviously no exception. So I thought I would share some fun ways that we plan to spoil Reggie on his birthday.

Reggie's Birthday - A Detailed Palette

Special Treats

We like to stop by our local pet store and see if they have any fun treats. These are usually around $1 per treat, and while it's not something I'd do every day, they are adorable and perfect for doggie birthdays! How cute are these ice cream cone treats? I can't wait to give them to Reggie after work today.

Special Treats for Your Dog - A Detailed Palette

Make Meals More Exciting

For this special occasion, we'll be mixing in some of this stew/wet food into Reggie's normal dry food. He loves this Merrik Hearty Beef Stew, and it definitely makes his everyday food way more exciting. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way though, seeing as Reggie is so small. A few nice things about this particular stew: it's grain free, it's okay for all breeds, and it's just fine for all stages of life.

Merrik Beef Stew - Ways to Spoil Dogs on His or Her Birthday

Merrick Hearty Beef Stew courtesy of

New Plush Toys

Reggie tends to destroy toys very quickly, especially if they are of the fluffy or plushy variety. Of course, these also tend to be his absolutely favorite toys. Since he does destroy them so quickly though, we try to make sure that we aren't constantly buying them.  I try to limit any plush/fluffy toy purchase to birthdays and other special occasions. 

Dog Borthdays - A Detailed Palette

Hopefully Reggie has a happy birthday... even if he may not know it's his birthday! :)

-xo, Rachel

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