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Mini House Tour: Our Living Room

Mini House Tour: Our Living Room

Really happy with our living room for the time being (although I will be adding at least one more throw pillow to the couch), so I decided to share a few photos.

Living Room - A Detailed Palette

We don't really go for one particular style; I try to just go with my gut and incorporate what we love. Andy is typically okay with most of my selections, which is really nice. On the rare occassion that he objects to a purchase, like when I really wanted a tripod lamp, I hear him out - mostly because I know that he must really, really hate it if he's speaking out against it. And I don't want there to be something he hates in the apartment.  

Eclectic Living Room - A Detailed Palette

While I certainly like clean lines and more modern furniture pieces (especially Mid-Century Modern furnishings!), I find that sticking to just one style is a bit too stiff for me and puts a weird amount of pressure on me when I'm shopping. I don't want to have to pass something up that I absolutely love and could use just because it doesn't fit a certain style that I've committed to. 

While there are certain elements you should look for to make sure that the home isn't a crazy and clashing hodge-podge, I do think that eclectic spaces are more interesting, more achievable, and generally just more realistic than a room or home that fits an exact style to the letter.

Some Tips to Create a Seamless Look

Tip 1: Figure out what colors you gravitate towards. For me, those colors are gray, all shades yellow, and teal. Because teal is so bold, I've used it sparingly, but it always makes an impact, and it helps creates a more seamless look since there's always a bit of teal popping out somewhere, no matter which way you look. 

Tip 2: Add plants. Plants fit with every style, and they are sure to help with a more eclectic space.  Have you ever seen an eclectic style room without a plant? I don't think I have. They are basically nature's neutral.

Bar Styling - A Detailed Palette

Tip 3: Wood tones don't have to match perfectly! Just have some balance - for example, you don't want all of your furniture to have dark espresso finish except for one side table that's birch or maple. It's going to look really off-putting. Keep things balanced so that even if it isn't all matchy-matchy (which, to be honest, can be tough to do if you're decorating on a budget or even buying furniture items separately), it will still look nicely put together.

Tip 4: Don't discard unique items. While I am not advocating clutter, I do think that there should be at least one totally unique thing in your home. I'm betting that some of you are wondering what on earth is on our coffee table - the big circle thing with all of the marbles? It's actually a game, a sort of mind puzzle, that Andy's parents gave to us. I'm not totally sure what it is called (we've dubbed it the "Marble Game" because we're creative like that), but it is an instant conversation starter in our apartment, and people love to play when they visit. Plus, it's handcrafted (all of the marbles are one-of-a-kind pieces), and I haven't seen another one like it anywhere else.

My Take on Coffee Table Tray Styling

My Take on Coffee Table Tray Styling

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