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DIY Marble Tray

DIY Marble Tray

Ready for the easiest DIY ever?

As you all probably know by now, I have a thing for marble at the moment. Instagram tells me that I am not alone. In any case, furniture with marble surfaces can be a bit pricey. I decided to look into any possible DIY projects that could help me marble-ize a current piece of furniture. I came across marble floor tiles while in Home Depot. I decided to get three of the floor tiles, as they were gorgeous and – here is the important part – they were each $3.99. Now, I can imagine that this could add up rather quickly if you were actually doing a floor, as the tiles are only 12x12, but buying only three really helped me keep costs down.

Unfortunately, the side table was not strong enough to support the weight of the marble – something I had admittedly not been too worried about, even when picking up and handling the marble. It is heavy – just something I want to point out – so be sure that anything you place it on can actually bear the weight. If you’re not sure, probably best to err on the side of caution.

Instead of going for a full marble surface, I decided to use the three pieces of marble separately as marble trays for layering and styling furniture pieces in my home. Marble adds an instant pop of elegance – so why not add it?

As the floor tiles had unpolished undersides that were sure to scratch any surface underneath, I took a few measures to create a DIY marble tray.

12x12 marble floor tile - $3.99 (Home Depot)
Gorilla glue - $3.99 (Michael's)
Black Contact Paper Liner with grips - $2.99 (Home Depot - I believe it was on sale)

DIY Marble Tray - A Detailed Palette

Step 1: Clean the marble by gently wiping down the surface with warm water. Don’t use any chemicals on marble! Harsh cleaning products can actually really damage any kind of marble. You can use some mild soap if you need to, but I just used mildly warm water to make sure it was clean.

Step 2: Cut out a 12x12 section of contact paper. I used the contact paper with grips because I knew that it, in addition to the heavy weight of the marble, would keep my new marble tray from slipping around, thereby limiting the chance of any scratches appearing on my furniture.

Step 3: Glue contact paper to the bottom of the marble tile. You can use a few different glues for this. Epoxy glue will work, but can be a bit tricky because it dries so quickly. I used Gorilla glue. Make sure the tile is dry before you glue.

And now you have a simple, yet sophisticated marble tray that can be used to gather and style many different items. Best of all, with the contact paper underneath, it will not harm your furniture in any way! So easy and affordable, right?

I've considered using it both as a centerpiece for our dining table:

DIY Marble Tray - A Detailed Palette
Marble Tray - DIY - A Detailed Palette

Or using it to organize a few of my bathroom products.

DIY bathroom marble tray - A Detailed Palette

Which look do you like best? 

Stay tuned to see what I come up with for the other two marble tiles - I've got a project in the works. :)

-xo, Rachel

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