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Friday Favorites: New Discoveries for the Home

Cheers to Friday! Some bar cart styling that I did last weekend is about to come in handy!

Bar Cart Styling - A Detailed Palette

Even though I only have two favorites to share this week, I am SO excited about them. One is tried and true, while the other I just can’t wait to get my hands on and see if it’s as amazing as it looks.

My sister has these sheets on her guest bed, and they are incredible. I don’t want to say that it was like sleeping on a cloud, because I mean, how over used is that? But I can’t even think of the right words to describe it because that’s how lovely these sheets were; so soft, so plush and so comfortable. My sister also told me that they hold up incredibly well to washing and that she will never buy any other type of sheets. I am convinced and just placed my own order.

The geniuses at Not Wallpaper have introduced what looks to be like one of the most fun ways to paint ever! I want to try this so badly – if only I was able to paint my walls! Still, I’m convinced I could work this into my home somehow. I am also left wondering how easy this product is to use or if it can be tricky to get the pattern just right. Still, definitely worth mentioning and sharing with all of you lovely people.

That’s all for today. Who has weekend plans? Make the most of it, you guys… summer is going to be ditching us soon!

-xo, Rachel


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