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My Closet Makeover - Tips for Organizing Your Small Closet

My Closet Makeover - Tips for Organizing Your Small Closet

Our closets here at our apartment are a bit on the small side, especially when compared to our old apartment. A few weeks ago, my closet and everything in it was driving me insane, and I decided it was time for a total organizational makeover. 

I've been trying to do capsule wardrobes in order for three main reasons: I want to better determine my personal style, I want to downsize, and I want to be smarter about my clothes spending. I'm happy to say that I've succeeded in all three of those categories and that cleaning out my closet felt amazing. Usually I debate forever about whether or not to keep a piece of clothing or just get rid of it... this in turn can make the whole process of cleaning my closet last for hours. I did this overhaul/makeover in about 45 minutes. It was easy and painless, and I have felt so much better about life in general by just starting my day off with an organized closet.


How to Organize a Small Closet - A Detailed Palette
Closet Makeover - A Detailed Palette


How to Organize Your Closet - A Detailed Palette

Here are some tips for cleaning out your closet if you find yourself in the same boat:

Sell, donate, or toss clothing items that you have not worn in a year. I am still shocked by how many of these items I had in my closet. It's not worth it. After a year of not being worn, they are no longer clothing items; they are clutter. If you have a hard time letting certain items go, try creating your own capsule wardrobe and see if it makes the cut/how confident you feel wearing it. This helped me realized that it was beyond time to let many clothes go.

Closet Organizing Tips - A Detailed Palette

Matching hangers is a tiny detail that goes a long way. I know that most people do not care about hangers, but I'm incredibly detail-oriented and love when things match. Switching out my myriad of random hangers for matching ones just really completed my organizational efforts and makes the closet look so polished.

Storage bins make life easier - but only if they are placed correctly. I actually had these storage bins previously, but wasn't using them to their fullest potential, as both were on my closet floor. This made them kind of a pain to get to. By rearranging and placing items that I rarely need (like scarves and hats) in the bin on the higher shelf and keeping the other bin (filled with jeans and work pants) in a more accessible location, I am now able to use the storage bins with ease and keep things organized.

Tips for Organizing Your Small Closet - A Detailed Palette

Take a look at what else isn't working in your home to limit expenses. Since this living situation is temporary, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this closet makeover or install some sort of closet shelving unit. Instead, I decided to look around my home and see what else wasn't really working. This TV stand was previously being used to store some of my craft items. However, it just didn't provide enough space, and it was practically bursting at the seems. Instead of buying new closet storage and new craft storage units, I decided to use this TV stand to better organize my closet. It has totally worked, and while I am still searching for my perfect craft storage to invest in, I know that I would rather only have to shop for one thing than two!

Organizing Tips for a Small Closet - A Detailed Palette

Small closets don't have to be the worst. Here's to keeping things simple and organized!

Have a great Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

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