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Bar Cart Styling Tips

Bar Cart Styling Tips

I've been wanting a bar cart for a long time now, so I am incredibly excited to be sharing this post featuring my brand new bar cart.

How to Style a Bar Cart - A Detailed Palette

Have the Essentials + Some Quirks

When it comes to bar carts, it's always good to have everything needed on hand. This includes tumblers, wine glasses, a cork screw, bottle stoppers, an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, and, of course, alcohol. Once all of the essentials are added in a way that is practical (bottle stoppers and cork screws near the wine, cocktail shaker near the liquor, etc.) don't be afraid to add something unexpected for some fun flair. I've added a Buddha incense holder, some crepe paper flowers, and some pink straws to liven up the cart and add some much needed color. These unexpected details will keep your styling unique, and they are usually the first things that people find themselves drawn to.

Consider Flow

As stated above, I tried to organize and style my bar cart in a way that would be practical and functional. Wines are grouped together on the bottom shelf, along with their various associated tools and glassware. Likewise, the liquor bottles are organized and segmented by a simple white tray, also near all of the necessary tools for creating and drinking cocktails.

Organize with Trays and Bowls

Keeping things segmented often works bests and allows you to create visual balance. This is why trays can really help nearly everywhere. Catch-all bowls can also help to keep things neat and orderly. As you can see above, I keep all of my bottle stoppers and my cork screw in a white bowl located near the wine.

Bar Car Styling Tips - A Detailed Palette

Consider Your Bottles

I will admit that I am one of those people who will often select wine or any other type of drink based off of what the bottle looks like. I obviously want it to taste good - but having a pretty bottle is important too, especially if it means I can use it down the road for a repurposing or DIY project. Pretty bottles are also great for bar cart styling - they can bring some serious color and elegance to the whole look.

Have fun styling and decorating!
-xo, Rachel

Inspired Design: Daphne Du Maurier

Inspired Design: Daphne Du Maurier

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