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ComeMix Class with Mint and Lovely and i SPY DiY

ComeMix Class with Mint and Lovely and i SPY DiY

On Wednesday night, my friend and I attended a class hosted by Mint and Lovely and taught by Jenni at I SPY DIY. We created a neon word light that you may have seen on Jenni’s blog or even Darby Smart. I chose to create the word “cheers” and hang it above my bar cart.

I always love the Mint and Lovely workshops, and this one was no exception! The class itself was so much fun and so well organized with the cutest decorations and some delicious sangria. And yes, Jenni’s studio is as gorgeous as it looks on Instagram – I really love her typewriter! I had no idea that that would be the location of the event so that was an awesome surprise. Turns out, her studio is in Milwaukee!

Studio Typewriter - A Detailed Palette

Overall, choosing a longer word like cheers did prove to be a bit tricky when it came to bending the wire, but I think it turned out nicely in the end. I am really happy with it! Here is the same DIY project created by Jenni so that you can make your own.

Mint and Lovely Comemix Class - A Detailed Palette
Mint and Lovely - DIY Neon Light - A Detailed Palette

And now we are on to the last weekend of August! I’m afraid mine is going to be incredibly busy, but I am hoping to get some time to sit down, knit, and watch Rebelde, a Spanish telenovela (I watch with subtitles) that I am obsessed with. Please tell me someone out there watches it?! If not, I recommend – it is highly entertaining and the scenes in it make for the most hilarious snapchats ever.

Have an amazing weekend, you guys!


I'm a Darby Smart Designer!

I'm a Darby Smart Designer!

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