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My Time in Ireland

My Time in Ireland

My Trip to Ireland - A Detailed Palette

I had to take yesterday "off" from blogging - my apologies! Turns out that 24 hours of traveling can really tire a girl out and by the time I got back, I just wanted and needed to sleep. That’s right – I am officially back home in the great land of Wisconsin, and I can truly say that I am happy to be back. Don’t get me wrong – our trip was amazing and everything that I wanted it to be! Still, I was ready to come back home, to get back to a routine, and to see Andy and Reggie by the time the two weeks was up.

Our first stop was in Dublin, Ireland. We actually stayed with a family in Claine, Ireland, a small village just outside of the city, for the four days that we were in Ireland. They are good friends of my sister and are probably the most welcoming and hilarious people on the planet. I am so glad that I got to meet them and so grateful for their kindness!

Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle - Dublin - A Detailed Palette

We toured Malahide Castle on the first day. I sadly don’t remember much about this estate, other than a few brief tidbits; it was beautiful, belonged originally to the Talbot family up until the 1990s, and was apparently incredibly haunted by a variety of ghosts. Seriously, so many ghosts, three of whom were all married to the same woman and all came back to haunt her for various reasons. Poor woman.

As I had not slept a wink on the flight over to Ireland, the first day was a bit of a struggle for me, as I suffered through some intense jet lag. This will have to be my excuse for not having too much information on hand about the estate.

Of course, I took many photos of the furniture. How could I not? I especially loved this desk. Extremely traditional to be sure.

Furniture in Malahide Castle - A Detailed Palette

How about that coral wall paint in the photo below? I loved it! Our tour guide did inform us that this color was specifically created for the Talbot family and was chosen to showcase their wealth. Apparently, the dye used to create this was incredibly pricey in the time that it was made – the price of such a color was sure to be common knowledge and was therefore sure to impress any visitors. So basically it was the Lamborghini of paint colors. :)

Coral Wall Paint - Malahide Castle - A Detailed Palette

The next day, we took the bus to Dublin early in the morning and made our way to Trinity College Library – one of my bucket list stops. I am so happy that I can now check it off! You can see my sister Tanya and I under the Trinity College archway below.

Rachel and Tanya at Trinity College - A Detailed Palette

The Trinity Library houses some of the oldest manuscripts and texts, including the Book of Kells. We were not allowed to photos of the Book of Kells, so I am afraid I can’t share that, but I can say that it was, as a self-proclaimed literature nerd, an amazing sight. The illuminated manuscript features ornately decorated pages and beautiful calligraphy. Today, a book like this wouldn’t be difficult to create, but given that it was created in 800 A.D., it is just amazing. SO much work went into all of the design details and craftsmanship of the book. Here's aview of Trinity College Library when you enter. Isn't it beautiful? So many books!

Trinity College Library - A Detailed Palette
Trinity Library - A Detailed Palette

Trinity Library also had a few W. B. Yeats works on display, and I was so happy to see these!

W. B. Yeats - A Detailed Palette
Yeats at Trinity College Library - A Detailed Palette

We took a tour bus around the city and drove by quite a lot of sights. I even spotted this adorable little shamrock detailing on many of the city’s light posts!

Shamrock - A Detailed Palette

Of course, as we were in Ireland, we decided to do as the Irish do, and stopped to tour the Guinness Factory. It was such a fun tour! We were taught how to properly drink and pour a Guinness, which were both more complicated than you may think, in addition to finding out more about the brewing process.

Guinness Brewery Tour - A Detailed Palette

In order to learn to taste, we were given tiny and adorable samples to practice with. We had a guide lead us through the process.

Guinness Samples - A Detailed Palette

We visited "The Guinness Academy" to learn how to correctly pour a Guinness. I successfully graduated the academy and now even have a certificate for it. New skill to add to the resume? ;)

Guinness Brewery Tour - A Detailed Palette

The Guinness that we poured! Look at those straight, clean lines!

Guinness Tasting - A Detailed Palette

And I just really loved this quote:

Irish Quote - A Detailed Palette

Trim Castle

Trim Castle - A Detailed Palette

We also went on a bit of a road-trip to visit Trim Castle. This is the castle that was actually used in the film Braveheart. It was so cool to see and really made me thankful for modern convieneces. I don't think I could have lived through castle life... it definitely was not for the faint of heart.

Trim Castle - A Detailed Palette
Trim Castle Wall - A Detailed Palette

The views from the top of the keep were beautiful!

View from Trim Castle - A Detailed Palette

Bits of the Countryside

Can we talk how cool it is that you can just wander the countryside and discover amazing sights like this?

Irish Countryside - A Detailed Palette
Irish Countryside - A Detailed Palette

Hope you enjoyed these photos! It was such a great part of the trip. Have a great Tuesday!
-xo, Rachel

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