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Home Decor Trends: August

Happy Monday! I know I say it almost every month, but it still stands true; the year is flying by. Since it is already August (um, how did that even happen?), I'm sharing a few trends that I've spotted. Admittedly, these two aren't the newest of trends, but I have realized that I have yet to write on them so I figured I'd share.

Statement plants: How do you add some statement plants? Simply add a large plant to act as a focal point of a room!  I love this trend. Fiddle leaf fig trees seem to be an especially popular choice - a good thing to know, though, is that fiddle leaf fig trees are listed as toxic plants for pets. So if you do happen to purchase one, be careful and weary of any leaves that are easy for pets to reach. Or go the fake plant route - also a viable option.

Luxury candles: These candles are everywhere and offer a bit more than your standard candle. Why? They are usually better made with stronger smells and longer-lasting wax (in most cses, soy wax). While the big names in luxury candles are anything but affordable (the Diptyque candles that you have seen everywhere will run you at least $60, if not more) there are ways to find soy candles at a much more affordable price.

The Diptyque candles below may look especially familiar thanks to Instagram and a few bloggers.

While I have heard amazing things about these candles, I am just not at a place in my life where I can buy $60 candles. And to be honest, I am not sure I ever will be. I think I'd feel guilty if I spent so much on something that I'd, well, quite literally, burn. But if luxury candles are your thing, no judgment here. You do you. I, on the other hand, buy candles pretty much exclusively at TJ Maxx. I love the luxury smell and quality (candles that burn evenly do exist!) without the high price, so I tend to stick to those, as they are more in my budget.

You will probably not find Jo Malone or Diptyque brand candles at TJ Maxx. The brands available are more along the lines of Manly Indulgences and Therepe - both brands that I love and recommend. Both of those brands also offer tins and decorative glass containers that can easily be upcycled/used for other things when the candle is done burning. I find these to be a good alternative to more pricey luxury candles - still get the soy candle, but at a much lower price.

I currently have an Oakmoss and Amber Therepe soy candle that was around $8, and both Andy and I love it. It's been worth every bit of those $8 - we burn it all the time and we've had it for forever which is impressive in and of itself.

Illume candles are another more affordable option with the luxury look, smell, and quality.

Enjoy your Monday! Tomorrow, I'm sharing my adventures in Paris so be sure to stop in! :)
-xo, Rachel

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