My Time in Interlaken, Switzerland

My Visit to Interlaken, Switzerland - A Detailed Palette

As many readers know, I recently went on European vacation with my sister and my brother-in-law. We traveled to four cities and three different countries, but there was one city in particular that really stood out – and it was a city that no one seemed to recognize or know much about when I listed it off our itinerary. That city is Interlaken, Switzerland, and it has officially secured a place as one of my absolute favorite travel destinations. Here is why.

Interlaken is located nestled next the Swiss Alps, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, with the Aare River flowing through it. You can see the river below.

Why I Loved Interlaken - A Detailed Palette
Aare River - A Detailed Palette

The lakes and the river have an almost aquamarine color that they are all famous for. 

Harder Kulm View of Interlaken - A Detailed Palette
Lake Thun - A Detailed Palette

On a clear day, you can see Jungrau, with its gleaming glaciers, reaching towards the sky. It’s the tallest point and, even from far away, it’s simply stunning. You can see a view of it below from a look out point called Harder Kulm.

Jungfrau from Harder Kulm - A Detailed Palette

We stayed at the Landhotel Golf, an adorable family-owned hotel that was only a short mile walk from the Interlaken West station. The rooms were clean, modern, bright and we even had a view of the mountains… which, I guess, seeing as we were literally surrounded by them, it wasn’t too rare for that hotel, but it was something that I appreciated all of the same. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful – everyone seemed to speak at least three languages (German, French, and English).

Landhotel Gold in Interlaken, Switzerland - A Detailed Palette

The best part about Interlaken is that you can do it all or you can do absolutely nothing. The place is both simultaneously restful, due to its small size and friendly, laid-back residents, and adventurous, with hiking, paragliding and canyoning opportunities at every turn.

We embraced our adventurous side and went canyoning. This consisted of repelling, jumping, and sliding down the naturally formed canyons in the Swiss Alps.

We also strapped on our hiking shoes and took various paths throughout the city using a map from our hotel. Hiking is by far my favorite traveling activity, and I so recommend Interlaken to any of my fellow hikers. The paths were so varied, some with steep, challenging inclines while others were flat and easy, although all of the paths led to some truly beautiful sights.

Hiking in Interlaken, Switzerland - A Detailed Palette
Hiking in Switzerland - A Detailed Palette
Hiking Adventures in Switzerland - A Detailed Palette
Interlaken, Switzerland - A Detailed Palette

We took a tram up to Harder Kulm to overlook the entire city and see breath-taking views of Jungfrau. Being at Harder Kulm, I had one of those moments where I realized just how small I was compared to the natural beauty around me. Because, after all, what are men compared to rocks and mountains?

Harder Kulm - Interlaken, Switzerland - A Detailed Palette

Me at the Harder Kulm lookout - Interlaken is below.

Me at Harder Kulm - A Detailed Palette
View of Interlaken from Harder Kulm - A Detailed Palette

After all of the hiking, amazing scenery, and loads of fresh air, we indulged in the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted. The white truffles from Laderach were my absolute favorites. My only regret is not bringing more back home with me.

Laderach Chocolate Truffles - Switzerland - A Detailed Palette

Until next time, Interlaken!