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DIY Craft Desk & Storage

DIY Craft Desk & Storage

I have been searching for craft storage space ever since we first moved into our current apartment. I was mostly fueled by my borderline hoarding habits with yarn. I reasoned that I could never truly have enough, because I want to knit EVERYTHING, and while that may be true to some degree, it’s difficult to manage or even remember what kind of yarn you have when it’s all stowed away in a big cardboard box in the closet. Yes, that was the sad state of the majority of my yarn up until last week. In order to solve this problem, I did what anyone would do. I went shopping. Here’s the deal with craft storage though; everything I found either didn’t offer enough space or it was too expensive. The most affordable option I found was $250. So I decided to go an entirely different route and make my OWN craft storage/workspace.

Turns out that it is incredibly easy to do and you can accomplish the very same look as many of those $250+ craft desks for about $100 (this may vary depending on your state's sales tax, but shouldn't be too much more at all). As an added bonus, I feel that my DIY craft desk with storage has even better functionality – at least if you have a yarn problem like I do.

My DIY Craft Desk:

DIY Craft Desk - A Detailed Palette
My Craft Room - A Detailed Palette
How to Make Your Own Craft Desk - A Detailed Palette

A closer look at some of the top details. A fun little note: that globe is so old that it shows the country Persia! It also recently got a facelift with some nice gold spray paint.

Craft Desk Details - A Detailed Palette
DIY Craft Desk and Storage - A Detailed Palette

Love the flower below? I'll be sharing a new DIY for that project on Thursday!

DIY Crafting Desk - A Detailed Palette
DIY Craft Desk - A Detailed Palette

How to make one yourself:

Materials – all supplies were purchased from Home Depot because it was convenient. There is one only 5 minutes from my house – the true definition of both a blessing and a curse. The measurements will be for these specific products. You can surely shop around for these pieces, but I can’t promise all of the pieces will fit together as well as these did.

2 Wall Shelves – measured in at 12 inches by 48 inches - about $10 each
2 Martha Stewart Living Stackable 6 Cube Organizer - I will call them "Cube Shelves" in this post – measurements: 35.88 inches high, 11.89 inches deep, 24.13 inches wide. Price per unit - $40
Total cost: about $100

Note: Due to the height of the cube shelves, this is a standing height desk for me and that is how I plan to use it. If you’d like to sit, I suggest finding cube shelves that measure in at 30” (the standard height for a desk) or less, or pairing this desk with a stool. Cube shelves measuring in 30” or under may also not have as much storage space as these 36" ones offer.

Step 1: Assemble your cube shelves! Assembling both cube shelves took me under an hour. Once I knew how to do the first one, the second took hardly any time at all. Just be sure to mind which edges are finished as you are putting each piece together – you will want to ensure that all of the finished edges facing the same direction. The look of unfinished edges doesn't bother me at al, but if you aren't a fan, you can always paint them - any shade of white should do. I also didn't add the cardboard backings provided.

Step 2: Arrange the cube shelves! Your cube shelves will be the base of your desk AND all of your storage space. Set them far enough apart so that the end of the wall shelves will be even with the end of the cube shelves. I was also sure to have my finished sides of my cube shelves facing out.

Step 3: Add the work surface (two wall shelves). Once the two cube shelves are assembled, you can just set the two wall shelves on top. The back shelf is pushed to be flush with the wall, while the front shelf allows room for a tiny lip at the front of the desk.

Step 4: Add your supplies to the cubes and organize!

Step 5: Step back and enjoy how easy this was and how amazing your craft desk/storage looks. A glass of wine is optional for this step.

Step 6: Get crafting!

If you do this, I hope that you are as happy as I am with the finished product. I love this look, and the wall shelves are heavy enough that I don’t have to worry about any sliding. They are very stable and supportive as well. I wanted to avoid using any plywood as I actually wanted the desk surface to be supportive – still it’s good to know any weight limitations. I won’t be using my sewing machine at this craft desk, just in case. So far, this desk has been incredible to work with. I generally enjoy standing as I craft so this has been an ideal fit. If I’m sewing or knitting, my corner desk and chair provide the perfect alternative space – although I usually knit while watching TV.

Here is a closer look at the storage space.

DIY Craft Storage - A Detailed Palette
DIY Craft Room Storage - A Detailed Palette
Craft Storage Space


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