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Friday Favorites: Favorite Fall Colors for Home & Fashion

Friday Favorites: Favorite Fall Colors for Home & Fashion

You guys, happy Friday!

Have I mentioned that I love fall? Yes, I know that it isn’t officially fall and that it certainly didn’t feel like fall weather this week in Milwaukee, but I’m busy preparing fall decorations and trying to put together my new fall capsule wardrobe, so the season has definitely been on my mind. I’m definitely gravitating towards some new fall colors. Plus, since it is Friday and since I love color posts, I thought I'd share something that is fun and light today. Hopefully, it inspires you to step out of your usual "color zone" (because I know we all have our tried and true favorite colors).

My Fall Color Crushes:

Plum: I rarely wear purple, but lately I’ve been wanting nearly everything that I’ve seen in this deep plum shade.

Chartreuse: This color has been everywhere – especially on many home décor sites. It’s one that is a hit or miss for me, but when it’s a hit, I absolutely LOVE it. I think it’s trickier to wear this color – a little bit goes a long way. While I could do without all of the plates on the wall, I love this chartreuse china cabinet!

Chartruese for the fall

Image source: Traditional Home

Marsala: Pantone’s color of the year – a pick that I actually loved and continue to love as a solid fall color.

Navy: Okay so this isn’t a new favorite color by any means, but I’m definitely adding more navy to my wardrobe.

That's all for today! Have an amazing weekend - enjoy your Labor Day!

-xo, Rachel


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