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The Louis Chair Reveal

The Louis Chair Reveal

It’s finally here, you guys. It’s time for the Louis Chair reveal. A bit of backstory for those who missed the original post: I went out for a run, and on my way back to the house, I came upon a neighbor who was discarding this chair onto the curb in front of his home. The horror! I obviously stopped and asked if he was parting with it. He confirmed that he was, that he and his wife had no space for it, and that I was welcome to take it if I wanted to. I didn’t need any further encouragement, and I picked up the chair right then and there. Thankfully, I didn’t have to walk with the chair too far, since I was almost done with my run anyway. And that’s how I ended up with this Louis chair for free; simply running at the right place at the right time.


Louis Chair Before - A Detailed Palette


Louis Chair Reveal - A Detailed Palette

As you can see, a lot of work went into this chair, but I am so happy with how it turned out. With the steps listed below, please know that this process was spread out over quite a few days. Still, this makeover only cost me about $25.

Fabric from Michael's - $10
Spray Paint - Rust-o-leum specialty metallic gold - about $5 (I did not use the full can.)
Craft Staple gun from Michaels - about $5

Krylon Satin Finish - about $5 (I did not use a full can)

Step 1: Even though I had interceded the owner, meaning that the chair hadn’t been outside for much time at all, I still had no idea how or where the chair was stored previously. Just to be safe, I sanitized the frame, wiping it down with some disinfecting wipes.

Step 2: I removed the nailhead trim using needle nose plyers. Unfortunately, there was a lot of this nailhead trim, and it wasn’t actual nailhead trim, but instead a cheaper version that was incredibly difficult to remove as it was held in place by some INTENSE stapling. I actually wasn't able to remove the nailhead trim around the arm pads.

Step 3: I then decided after taking stock of the chair’s frame to spray paint it gold - even the arm pads. Since it was a free piece of furniture, I wanted to take a bit of a risk with it and going gold was exactly the kind of statement I wanted to make. In addition to the new gold paint, I also added a Krylon Satin Finish seal to protect the paint job.

Step 4: After the frame was painted and the nailhead trim was removed, I cut the fabric off of the seat of the chair. Since the padding below looked to be in good shape, I decided to keep it in place. I placed baking soda on the exposed cushion of the chair in order to clean the padding of the chair. I then vacuumed the seating padding. 

Step 4: I measured my fabric and drew out what I needed for each piece of the chair.

Step 5: I stapled the fabric in place.

And ta-da! This beauty is now complete!


DIY Chair Update - Louis Chair Makeover
Reupholstering a Louis Chair - DIY - A Detailed Palette

It's not perfect and definitely was a labor of love - but I am ultimately loving the look of this chair. I was worried about how to incorporate this chair with my more modern apartment, but the gold frame instantly made this furniture piece more modern.

I'd love to hear your thoughts - do you think the chair looks better? Love the gold? Or would you have gone with another color combination?
-xo, Rachel

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