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2016's Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

2016's Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

While I was in NYC, I was able to tour the Kips Bay Showhouse before the doors opened - something that I do not take lightly and was made possible due to my job at Kohler Co., which includes social media coverage of various events like the Kips Bay Showhouse Opening. I wanted to share some of the photos of rooms and designs that I loved. Disclaimer: All the opinions in this post are my purely my own. I am not speaking on behalf of Kohler Co. or in any official capacity whatsoever.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Kips Bay Showhouse, here's what you need to know.
1) It's a showhouse in NYC - the location changes every year, as each year talented designers are invited to come to the home and work their interior design magic. After it's open for about a month, the home is then sold.
2) All proceeds go to the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club - a club that includes many famous alumni, including Jennifer Lopez and John Legend.
3) The home is always a large property in NYC.
4) The designers invited to take part are always changing so as to showcase both established and new emerging talent.
5) This is the 44th year of the showhouse.

I was able to meet quite a lot of the designers, including Suzanne Kasler, Alex Papachristidis, and Phillip Thomas, while touring the home, all of whom were lovely, gracious, and had such great stories and inspirations behind their rooms. 

I absolutely adored everything about the dining room and sitting area by Alex Papachristidis. I especially loved the stunning, swoon-worthy wallpaper and all of the gold.

Alex Papachristidis - Kips Bay Showhouse 2016 - A Detailed Palette

He even had a dog bed + a cut-out of his dog, Teddy New Yorkie - I mean, how can you not love that? He said lovingly that the dog was "the only dog that could be in two places at once!" It was really such a formal and elegant space - a space where dogs and pets are usually forgotten by design, but I so appreciated this inclusion. 

Alex Papachristidis - Kips Bay Showhouse 2016 - A Detailed Palette

Note: The designer let me know that what appears to be cushions on the floor are actually pieces of furniture. I sat on one and they are actually quite comfortable!

Alex Papachristidis - Kips Bay Showhouse 2016 - A Detailed Palette

Suzanne Kasler's living room was beautiful, with a soft color palette and perfectly curated details. 

Suzanne Kasler - Kip Bay Showhouse - A Detailed Palette
Suzanne Kasler - Kips Bay Showhouse 2016 - A Detailed Palette

An unintentional mirror selfie below shows one of my favorite vignettes in the entire home.

Suzanne Kasler - Kips Bay Showhouse 2016 - A Detailed Palette

The "Lady Lair" by Phillip Thomas Inc. was incredibly bright, colorful, and cheerful. If you follow House Beautiful, you may recognize this room, as it has been featured quite a lot on their social channels. It's a really fun space - and just so perfect for the fun and colorful editorial that makes up House Beautiful.

Lady Lair - Kips Bay Showhouse - A Detailed Palette

I also really loved the Napolean Room - a sitting room by Garrow Kediglan Interior Design where the entire wallspace was actually all covered in chalkboard paint + chalk designs. Such a cool idea! Plus, I just know this would be the perfect place to sit and read.

Garrow Kediglan - Kips Bay Showhouse - A Detailed Palette

A few trends that I noticed:
1. Gold - it's still everywhere.... and doesn't look like it's going anywhere. It is, though, being mixed with other metallics, including Rose Gold and Copper.
2. Armless Sofas - these were everywhere in the showhouse and looked incredibly chic.
3. Walls Going Beyond Paint  - Whether the chalkboard wall, the graffiti wall in the "Lady Lair", or gorgeous wallpaper - the walls all had stories to tell that went behind color. The walls were unique, textured, and were indispensable to the overall design approach - something that isn't too common now, but becoming more and more of a trend.

Note: I didn't even get close to covering the full home. There are so many more beautiful rooms to see, including the bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen - which you can see on instagram @kbshowhouse and @kohlerco or by visiting in person. 

Have a lovely Monday!
-xo, Rachel

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