A Few Thoughts on Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting - A Detailed Palette

Firstly, this post was supposed to be up last week... but the internet provider had other ideas. After trying to figure out for three days why our internet service had been disconnected, it's now finally back. Needless to say, blogging was out and that last week without the internet was sadly quite tough for me. It's crazy how much we have come to depend on it. So, in short, I am sorry for the radio silence that was last week. Now on to the post!

As an immediate disclaimer, the lease for the current apartment was just renewed so I will not be going anywhere. However, despite the fact that I love where I'm at, I did do some apartment hunting due to my really long daily commutes to work. Driving an hour is no big deal in the summer (I've actually found myself enjoying it), but in the winter, it is quite a different story. It's actually kind of scary and way too long, as I am sure anyone in Wisconsin can appreciate and understand.

Either way. my commute will be the same as I am staying put. Apartment hunting even for just a little bit really did make me realize that we're pretty lucky to be where we are. There are some apartment must-haves that go beyond the typical that I considered every time I looked.

1. Dog-friendly - Because I am obviously not going anywhere without Reggie. This is surprisingly difficult to find, even with Reggie being so small and, for the most part, well-behaved.
2. Natural light - this is huge for me. All of my places in college were so dark; one year, my bedroom didn't even have a window, making it a veritable cave. Lots of natural light just makes rooms look better and feel better.
3. Minimal Carpeting - this one may sound over the top, but the last time we had carpeting, I found it dreadfully difficult to keep clean. Reggie just sheds so much and the vacuum never seems to get everything on the first couple of passes. I felt like I was vacuuming my life away.
4. Access to good running paths/locations: By good, I mean not only pretty, but also safe and dog-friendly.

Apartment Hunting - A Detailed Palette

Thankfully, we get all of that in our current place. While I do wish the kitchen was more my style and that we had a new refrigerator with better shelving/organization, these things are minor to me compared with the four things above. If you're currently looking for an apartment and are more focused on the technicalities of the place, you should check out this list by The Everygirl - pretty comprehensive and what I used a few years back.

Have a great Monday!