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A Home Update: My Dream Headboard

A Home Update: My Dream Headboard

The bedroom is still a total work in progress, but the new headboard has arrived, and I’m in love.

New Tufted Headboard - A Detailed Palette

I did at one point attempt to DIY a headboard look like this a few years ago. I found that it was incredibly time-consuming and difficult despite some tutorials that claimed it was so easy to do. I ultimately decided to save up for one instead of going through the effort of the DIY, something that I usually don’t do.

Now if you know of a DIY tufted headboard tutorial that you have found to be super simple and easy to do, please, please share! I am sure that one exists – I just haven’t found it yet! Plus, I am also sure that there is someone else out there searching for it.

Gray Button Tufted Headboard - A Detailed Palette


In any case, I’m so glad that I decided to go for this headboard. While it was the ideal shape, material, and had the button tufted details that I really, really wanted, I was a bit worried about the color. I actually wanted to go for a very bold blue, and channel some Emily Henderson vibes, but this dark gray and a beige color were the only options. I knew the gray would most likely work well, plus the beige was a higher price, so choosing between those two options was quite easy. 

Paired with the light gray sheets and bedding makes me realize that I need to throw some more color in this room, and pronto! Thinking some solid yellows or small scale yellow patterns to blend in with what I have now. 

Gray and Yellow Bedding with Headboard - A Detailed Palette

 The plan is to simply add the two new pillows in between the back to back sets of gray, in effort to break up the big gray color block that now exists. I'll hopefully be sharing how I make the DIY pillow covers (which I'll be doing over the weekend) on the blog next week.

Product Sources:
West Elm Tile Duvet Cover - click the link and you may see someone who you will recognize! :) He will be under the share your style header.
Spalena Gray Sheets - I swear by these. My absolute favorite sheets - so soft!
Gray Velvet Headboard from Woot (it's sadly sold out, but this is it!


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