Affordable Home Decor For June

As it's a new month, I thought I'd take some time to look at some fun and affordable home decor trends going on right now!


These are popping up everywhere, and I really love the look of them! With a few flowers or even on their own, these pieces are so eye-catching. Serious statement piece when in the right lighting. They do, however, feel almost like a chalk residue has been left over them. While I don’t think most people will be too concerned about the texture, I still thought it was worth pointing out.

Ottomans are awesome, but they can be a bit bulky for small spaces. Poufs are a great alternative; they are adorable, easy to move, and contribute to overall comfort. Unfortunately, some of these can be quite pricey. The one in the link above is under $50.

Best things about these wall planters? They are incredibly chic and they save space as they allow you to go vertical so that you're able to use your wall space to your full advantage. I have seen many of these planters added to bathrooms which I personally love. Because lets be real, most bathrooms could use a bit more decor love.