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Affordable Home Decor Trends - April

Affordable Home Decor Trends for April via A Detailed Palette

Happy Monday! As it's the start of a brand new month, I thought I'd take some time to look at some fun and affordable home decor trends going on right now.

Geo Terrariums: I love these - they add such a cool look. Often, I've seen them paired with air plants, but they can be used in endless ways when it comes to decorating your home. I am tempted to use it for things like jewelry storage or maybe even some storage for various trinkets.

Glass Jewelry Case: How gorgeous are these? I actually love my current improvised jewelry storage all except for one tiny detail - my jewelry gets so dusty! If you find yourself wanting to showcase your jewelry without worrying about your favorite pieces collecting dust, I think that these are a good way to go. These jewelry boxes are definitely on my birthday list. of course, it's worth noting that these don't have to be used for jewelry. You can definitely be creative with these pieces.

Catch-All Bowls: These bowls are just fun, decorative pieces that can be used to store jewelry, watches, spare change, your wallet, phones, keys, and similar items. Simply place it on a nightstand or an entry way table. Adding these bowls and using it to store commonly used items can help those who constantly find themselves losing their keys, phones, etc.

Fun Bookends: Fun bookends can add a lot to a bookcase, nightstand, dresser, or wherever else you'd like to keep some books. I especially recommend them as a way to add some extra style to your bookcase. I love these dog ones, but there are so many out there to choose from. 

In other news, I finally decided to take the plunge and get some new, gray bedding thanks to West Elm's bedding sale. I also finally got to take a look at Emily's place. There's so much potential to the space. I cannot wait to share the before and after photos, although it will definitely be a long process.

Hope you have a lovely Monday!

-xo, Rachel



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