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Beauty: Curling Wand Tips

Beauty: Curling Wand Tips

Curling Wand - Hair Tips

I've been getting some questions about how I curl my hair so I thought I would share one of my absolute favorite products - the curling wand. While it looks super odd and might seem difficult to use at first, it is hands down better to work with than your traditional curling iron and it curls SO much better. 

Tip #1 Use the Glove: It will seem super weird at first, but you will want to use the glove that comes with the curling iron. Place it on whichever hand that you won't be using to hold the curling iron. This glove will help you hold your hair in place without burning your fingers. This is especially important if you have shorter hair as the chances of you burning yourself are much higher.

Tip #2 Wrap Hair Away from Your Face: In order to get any type of curl with a curling wand, you need to wrap your hair around the wand. An easy way to ensure that all of your hair is curled in the same direction is to hold the curling iron down, and wrap your hair around it - in the direction away from your face. Doing this on each side and for each layer will keep your curls in the same direction.

Tip #3 Let It Cool: Before you use any hairspray or holding product, allow your hair to cool, then lightly brush your curls. Emphasis on the lightly part! Then hairspray. This generally allows for a better hold.

I definitely recommend curling wands for a more smooth looking curl - it can make a world of difference. 
-xo, Rachel

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