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Beauty: New Makeup for Spring

Beauty: New Makeup for Spring

Spring Makeup - A Detailed Palette

Nothing quite like spring arriving to make you feel the need to freshen up your beauty routine/look. Full disclosure: I also ran out of a few essentials and thought it might be good to change things up and try some new products.

I've been loving this new line of Benefit Cosmetics foundation - it's called Hello Flawless and is brightening foundation with sunscreen. It's light coverage, but still does the job well. I really love that it's perfect for spring. There's definitely a brightness factor to it, too, which has been great for a refreshed look. I've also been using Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - a purchase which so far has been incredible. This concealer stick, combined with the lightweight foundation, have really been great for my skin. I haven't had any major breakouts since using either of these two products.

I am still using Stila for my eyebrows - I have incredibly light brows that don't quite match the shade of my hair. This Stila brow pen helps me to fill in and darken my eyebrows to where they need to be. I love this product because it's not too intense - after all, no one wants their eyebrows to look drawn on - but it does still do the job. It's a good balance!

I will admit that one of the reasons why I wanted to try this new Voluminous Million Lashes mascara was do to its appearance - I love a good metallic sheen! So far, so good, although I do have to admit that Benefit's They're Real mascara is still my favorite when it comes to long-lasting wear.

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