Bedroom Update: Full Length Mirror

The mirror has arrived and it has been added to the bedroom, right next to the dresser. I am still debating on whether or not this is the final placement, as the original idea was to have it on the wall in the bedroom where a stud could support it, but I am no longer sure, as I really like the look of this mirror as it is.

Mirror Update - A Detailed Palette
Mirror Update - A Detailed Palette

I chose this mirror with the idea that it would really complement the artwork we already have in the room, and I think it really does! I also really love the juxtaposition of the straight lines of the mirror and the curved, a bit more traditional lines of the bottom of the dresser and the hardware..

Mirror Update - A Detailed Palette

And of course, I had to share a little selfie with Reggie and me. :)


Have a great Monday!
-xo, Rachel