New Favorite: Bicycle Bookend Set

Bookends - Living Room - A Detailed Palette

Happy Friday! Can you believe it's JULY? Time is a strange thing.

I don't know that bookends were incredibly popular - at least not to the level are at now - even a few years ago. Of course, there is a chance that I wasn't paying enough attention, but I really remember noticing them more as I began to take more of an interest in decorating my first apartment, sophomore year of college. It was the first time that I had really seen the more playful versions - the bookends that weren't meant for a stuffy, traditional study - but instead were meant to add a bit of whimsy and purpose to your space.

To me, those are the defining characteristics of a great set of bookends - whimsical so as to bring out the more playful side of whatever reading they have caught between them, while being strong enough to hold it all up in a neat fashion. Unfortunately a good bookend set (sturdy, affordable, fun) can be tough to find.

I actually spotted the one above at Target and knew I had to grab it up or else seriously regret it later. I knew that the console table behind the sofa would be the perfect place for this bookend set because I had some magazines that needed to be displayed in a more beautiful way.

Bike Bookends Living Room - A Detailed Palette
Bike Bookends - A Detailed Palette

As it stands, I am loving this bookend set and just had to share a few thoughts on them as well as a few photos. And if you haven't checked out the edition of domino pictured above, I highly recommend it. Loved the blogger collaboration they did with Pennyweight blog.

Have a wonderful long weekend and happy Fourth of July!
-xo, Rachel