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Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

I've decided to build a capsule wardrobe for fall! I've done a capsule wardrobe before and really liked it - unfortunately though, I often felt like I was just wearing the same thing over and over. I am going to give it another shot since I just so love the overarching goal of creating one. A capsule wardrobe is really all about living more simply/with a more minimalistic approach. So how do you even build one? You par down your wardrobe and select 37 pieces. This includes shoes and accessories. Ideally, all 37 pieces will  work together and coordinate so you can create many different looks. There is also a strict no shopping rule when you have a capsule wardrobe, which I am all for and probably need. Too often I buy off of impulse as opposed to there being an actual gap in my wardrobe. And finally... you're supposed to keep to those 37 pieces for 3 months.I don't know if this would be possible for me, just in terms of seasons. So I've decided to do this through October and November and restructure once winter arrives (which, let's face it, could really be any time after October).

I have my 37 pieces selected. I had some fun going through my go-to outfits with this capsule. 

Blush Pink + Gold

Blush Pink and Gold Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

Emerald Green + Black

Emerald Green and Black Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

Dark Floral + Blazer

Dark Floral Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

Burgundy + Cognac

Burgundy and Cognac Outfit - Capsule Wardrobe - A Detailed Palette

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