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The Completed Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is, for now, complete. I am still unsure about one of the pieces - the multi-color, umbrella couple canvas that you can see below. While I love it, it's a bit more vibrant than I was expecting and it really steals the show... had I known both of those things before, I think I may have rearranged the layout - something I am still considering. Here is the current gallery wall.

Living room gallery wall - A Detailed Palette

All of the framed photos showcase favorite places from travels, including Chatsworth House in England. Pompeii, Ireland, Switzerland, and Paris. The black and white photo (beneath the flower arrangement) is actually a photo of an excerpt from Pride and Prejudice - a gift from one of my best friends. The gold frame, naturally, holds a photo of Reggie, while the other painting prominently features a zebra. 

Here is the before, when we first got the new TV stand:

TV Stand - A Detailed Palette

With the new TV and the new artwork, there is just so much more life in the space. We're really happy with how this all turned out. What do you think? Do you like the new gallery wall?

Living Room Gallery Wall - A Detailed Palette
Color Crush: Blush

Color Crush: Blush

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Unique, Chic Ways to Store Jewelry