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2017 Vol. 1: Discoveries Worth Sharing

2017 Vol. 1: Discoveries Worth Sharing

2017 Discoveries - A Detailed Palette

I am hoping for 2017 to be a big year, and I am really looking forward to crossing some items off of the bucket list. Ultimately, though, I am aiming for making the most of the day to day as well. In effort to streamline and just improve, there are a few discoveries I wanted to share.

Tone It Up Member

Tone It Up - A Detailed Palette

I became an official Tone It Up member at the end of 2016 in effort to be prepared for 2017 and the goals I wanted to accomplish. Tone It Up has become a much larger priority for me, as my health and fitness goals have become something I really want to focus on. I have been working towards following their nutrition guide and really changing and adapting my lifestyle overall into one that is more healthy and embraces alternative options to the not-so-nutritious options I am usually faced with. It actually hasn't been too hard, which is amazing. It really just requires more planning. I now meal plan and meal prep on Sundays. It has been SUCH a game changer.  It actually ends up saving me more time later on in the week and makes staying on track so much easier. Meal planning and prepping has definitely given me a different perspective on eating healthier and if anyone out there is struggling with the goal of being healthier, I highly recommend both Tone It Up and meal planning with the recipes that they have as part of their nutrition plan. Most of the recipes are easy and delicious... and I am an extremely picky eater, so that means a lot coming from me. 

Wireless Headphones  

Beats Headphones - A Detailed Palette

I got the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for Christmas in rose gold, and it has been a total game changer. I never thought that it would impact my daily life as much as it has, but between working at my desk and working out, it has been so nice to have wireless headphones. Working out especially - I never realized how freeing it would be and how much better my workouts would be because of that. If you're running, doing HIIT, or any other workouts while listening to music, I highly recommend looking into getting pair of wireless headphones. 

Passion Planner

Passion Planner 2017 - A Detailed Palette

I had a Passion Planner in 2015 after winning an Instagram giveaway. I'm 2016, I had a different planner and really missed the Passion Planner layout. So for 2017, I purchased a Passion Planner, and it's just as amazing as I had remembered it to be. If you are looking for something to help you stay organized, you can actually test drive the Passion Planner layout for yourself. by printing it off from their site. I love the 30 min breakdown layout and the extra space of "infinite possibility". Plus, this is one planner that I find really supports and has the space available for goal setting and journaling. It's a really great set up overall.  

Hope you all have a great start to the week!



For the Dream Home: Volume One

For the Dream Home: Volume One

Bedroom Update: Full Length Mirror

Bedroom Update: Full Length Mirror