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DIY Roses - Home Decor

DIY Roses - Home Decor

When it comes to decor, my go-to, absolute favorite is a fresh vase of flowers. You just can't beat fresh flowers. Thankfully, you can get some really affordable options for Trader Joe's, but I don't always have the time to be running to Trader Joe's and unfortunately, each bouquet will eventually expire. So, in an effort to add some floral touches to my home without worrying about the impeding death of said floral touches, I decided to create some clay and wire flowers.

Did you ever make roses with play-doh? I remember learning the technique from my childhood best friend's mom, who also happened to be my neighbor. I remember learning when we were around 8 or 9. Anyway, this DIY takes advantage of that method. No worries if you didn't learn it with play doh - it is super easy to learn!


So here is what we're making: 

DIY Gold Flower - A Detailed Palette

Here are the supplies! This kit is also available on Darby Smart!

DIY clay rose - A Detailed Palette

Step 1: Start with a small portion of oven bake clay - roll it into a ball so that it resembles the size of a penny. Flatten with your thumb. Then simply roll the clay into itself so that it looks almost like a snail shape. This will be the center of your rose.

DIY Rose - A Detailed Palette

Step 2: Continue to make and shape petals in this fashion. Roll a small piece of clay into a ball about the size of a penny or so.

DIY Clay Rose - A Detailed Palette

Step 3: Then flatten the clay. While this may seem like an odd step, I have now recognized that rolling the clay first helps to create a smoother petal. Add the petal to your center. The clay should be pretty easy to work with and should stick together well.

DIY Rose - A Detailed Palette

Step 4: Continue to do this until your rose looks full.

DIY Clay Rose with Wire Stem - A Detailed Palette

Step 5: Step away from the clay for a moment and cut your gold wire. I cut two wires at about 8 inches, but you can choose whatever length you wish. For a more polish look, intertwine the two wires together, but leave both ends unattached as you can see below. This will be your wire stem for your flower.

Step 6: Now we want to create a base for the wire stem. I mostly tried to mimic nature in creating this. Once your base is created, be sure to insert the metal stem so that the rose is sure to fit even after being it has been baked.

DIY rose - A Detailed Palette

Step 7: Remove the wire stem carefully. Place the rose with its newly added base on a cookie sheet and bake it, following the instructions on your oven-bake clay. NOTE: You must only bake OVEN-BAKE CLAY.

Step: 8 After allowing the rose some time to cool (at least 30 minutes), you can paint the clay whatever color you wish.

DIY Rose Home Decor - A Detailed Palette

Step 9: After the paint is dry, re-insert the wire stem into the flower base.

Now you have some beautiful flower decor to add to some empty vases around your home!

DIY Flower Home Decor - A Detailed Palette
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