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Diy Dresser Update

As part of my home resolutions for 2016, I decided that it was time to give my seriously old, yet absolutely beloved dresser a much needed coat of paint. After my experience chalk painting my old desk and after discovering not only how easy it was, but also how great it turned out, I thought that it might be the perfect way to update my dresser. 

The Before

Dresser Before Update - A Detailed Palette

Renaissance Dove Gray Chalk Paint (be sure to get enough for your entire project!)
Paint Brush
3 clean & dry cloths
Miniwax Paste Finishing Wax

Note: Chalk paint IS more expensive than your standard paint, but the fact that it doesn't smell, doesn't drip much, and can easily be applied inside (meaning you don't have to lug furniture outside) is well worth the extra cost as far as I am concerned.

Step 1: I cleaned off my dresser with a cloth, since it had been some time since I dusted and I wanted a clean surface for the paint.
Step 2: I removed all of the drawers from the dresser and emptied them out. I then unscrewed the handles/hardware and set these aside.
Step 3: Time to paint! I did the frame for the drawers first, then the drawers themselves - note: I didn't paint the inside of the drawers as it didn't seem necessary to do so. I then completed the sides of the dresser. I didn't do  anything to the top in this particular instance, as I had previously applied marble contact paper.
Step 4: I applied a second coat to everything shortly after it dried. Another great thing about chalk paint is how fast it dries!
Step 5: I touched up as needed and allowed to dry - sometimes you're going to miss a few spots, even after two coats.
Step 6: After all of the paint was dry. I applied a light coating of furniture wax with clean cloth #2. This stuff is smelly, so  I had a fan running and a window open while I was applying it.
Step 7: After allowing the wax to dry for about ten minutes (as noted on the instructions), I used clean cloth #3 to remove excess wax and sort of "buff" the dresser.
Step 8: I then replace the handles/hardware - this would have also been a great time to update the hardware, but I actually decided against it, as the new dove gray dresser would make the dark bronze handles pop.

The After: 

DIY Dresser Update - Chalk Paint - A Detailed Palette
DIY Dresser Update with Chalk Paint - A Detailed Palette

Thoughts? It still amazes me how much color impacts the feel of the room. With this lighter color, the bedroom just looks so much more spacious. I am loving the way that this turned out, and I am glad that the dresser looks much more polished now.

The entire bedroom reveal is coming next week so stay tuned! Have a great Wednesday!
-xo, Rachel

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