Diy: Ribbed Knitted Hat

There's nothing quite like scrolling through a beloved fashion blogger's Instagram only to realize that you can make their $60 knitted hat for much, much less. That's how I feel about this white ribbed hat - I've spotted it in some different variations all over Instagram and at staggering prices. Here are a few of the pieces that provided inspiration for the creation of my white ribbed knitted hat:

Here's how my creation turned out:

DIY Knitted Ribbed Hat - A Detailed Palette
Free Knitting Patter - Ribbed Hat - A Detailed Palette

Having experience with ribbing, I just did my own thing for this hat without following a pattern of any kind. I casted on 70 stitches, and knitted the first two rows, joining the ends on the first row to begin knitting in the round. After that. I continued to knit 2, pearl 2 for the rest of the hat until the hat measured in at about 7 inches - I wanted to be sure that I could fold part of it up, as seen above.

It was incredibly easy to create this hat. Once I reached the desired length, I began to decrease starting with knitting five, then knitting stitch 6 & 7 stitch together. I was worried at this time about whether or not decreasing in this way would mess up the ribbing pattern. While the top isn't the smoothest, and I suspect there's a better way to decrease for these hats, it worked as the pom-pom I created was by far large enough to make any not so smooth areas insignificant/difficult to see.

So far, this is my favorite hat creation yet and I am hoping to make quite a few more of these to finally get the etsy shop up and running.