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Pet-Friendly Home: Dog Spaces and Dog Decor

Pet-Friendly Home: Dog Spaces and Dog Decor

Pet-Friendly Home: Dog Inspired Spaces and Decor

One of my good friends once mentioned the possibility of having a "dog room". While I am fully aware that having a "dog room" may not be the most practical application for many people/families, I thought it was just such a fun idea and truly fitting of her personality and her family's needs.

While we all may not have the space or the need for such a room, I do think it's important to ensure that dog spaces are incorporated into your home in a way that's both functional and pretty. We can, in fact, have the best of both worlds on this one. So much of this comes down to proper storage, but also lots of comfy and homey details.

One of the best dog spaces for Reggie is his bed corner. It's been placed close to the vent, since I noticed that this was his favorite spot to go to in the winter - even before the dog bed was even there. Combined with the pet blanket, it's a totally seamless location - it fits for his habits and needs, still looks nice, and does not interfere with any of my activities.

Dog Spaces - Pet Bed - A Detailed Palette
Pet-Friendly Home - A Detailed Palette

There's also a toy basket off to the side of the living room where Reggie can easily access all of his toys - and where I can attempt to keep them picked up and orderly (rarely the case). Still, having a designated space and storage system is ideal for living with a dog and can help keep the toys from taking over your home and your floor.

Pet-Friendly Home: Dog Spaces and Dog Decor - A Detailed Palette

The pet blanket above, which was a gift for Reggie, is one of my absolute favorite items when it comes to dog-themed decor items.  Here are a few more favorites that can be easy to add to your home - even if you don't have a dog room.

The wallpaper, the treat dish - all on point.

 IMAGE VIA    The EveryGirl

IMAGE VIA The EveryGirl

 I'm also a huge fan of our very own treat container from the Container Store

Treat Storage and Decor - A Detailed Palette

I clearly have a thing for the paw prints. Just so adorable! 
Have a great Thursday!
-xo, Rachel

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