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Dog Toy Storage Update

You guys, happy Monday! New start to a new week... hopefully a good week at that. At the very least, I'm sharing some adorable pictures so it should make your Monday that much better.

One thing that I think many people don't realize when getting a pet is how much other stuff comes along with them. At least, it was something that I myself didn't really give much thought to. Now that dog toys are everywhere in the apartment, it's more top of mind. I always aimed for a nice, cute way to store such items while still having them all being accessible for Reggie.

Previously, I had been using a wicker basket to store his toys - it wasn't an aesthetic choice, but it certainly worked. Some of you may have noticed it in recent pictures of the gallery wall. If I am honest, that's when the look of it really started to bother me

Gallery Wall - A Detailed Palette

It just seemed to really clash with everything else in a way that was incredibly off-putting for me. I've changed things a bit in effort to keep the same functionality, but with a storage piece that blends more seamlessly. The storage bin was found at TJ Maxx... and Reggie seems to be quite happy about the whole thing.

Dog Toy Storage - Pet Friendly Home - A Detailed Palette

I mean, that face says it all really. Just look at him! He is such a ham around the camera.

Dog Toy Storage Update - A Detailed Palette

Hope these pictures at the very least made your Monday a bit brighter!
-xo, Rachel

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